I have a Blog

Welcome to my first official Blog (I am not counting the one I did on MySpace.) Don't count on seeing too many of these things. Every now and then I will need to blow off some steam and this seems like as good a place as any. Here I go.

Why do I have to get insomnia? All I can do is stay awake and woder about my life. Why do I have two kids that are sick? Why couldn't I have been the one to be stuck in the hospital and go through all the stupid stuff instead? I know that God wants me to follow Him. I also know that God has a purpose, but why does His purpose have to include my children having CF? I put on a happy face and I never look like it gets to me but it does. Mostly when I am up late at night and can't sleep.

Wow! This turned into a stupid moment in time. I guess I will only invite very close friends to read this.


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