A rant I posted in one of my classes

Here is a message to all the preachers of God’s word who are out there subjugating themselves to the mood of their congregations. Stop feeding us a bunch of feel good crap! Give me truth. Even if it is hard truth. Jesus never let popular opinion get in the way of Truth. Paul never let popular opinion get in the way of Truth. Every time someone waters down the word of God because they want to save someone’s feelings or they are afraid people might not be in the mood to follow Christ the way He told us we need to they are trampling on all the martyrs of Christ who gave their life for Truth. Christ knew his teachings would be hard to follow. Read John chapter 6 verse 28-71, when Jesus’ disciples left because his teaching was “hard” he didn’t run after them. The truth is hard! Jesus said that brother would turn against brother and mother against son. The Truth is hard. Paul may very well have given up his whole family to follow the Truth.

Lord help me to be a teacher of Truth. Give me the strength to allow you to shine through me.


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