Day Three?

I think its day three… I am not sure anymore when this whole trip started. It is 12:45AM in the central time zone, which is Where I am now. But 18 miles West of me it is only 11:45PM. I stopped on this side of the time change so I wouldn’t have to get up so early in the morning. I know it sounds silly but that is just the way my brain works. If I have the choice between getting the same amount of sleep but waking up at 8AM instead of 7AM I’ll choose the later time every time (LOL).

The drive today was perfect! I could not have asked for a more beautiful day or a better group of people helping get us to Colorado. The three “boys” are working together very well and relieving each other so no one is driving tired. (Except me but I don’t count!) I guess you could say that one thing did go wrong.

We tried to go to the Gateway Arch in Saint Louis this morning as we left for the leg Westward. I thought it would be all cool and symbolic to visit the gateway that all the early settlers used to follow their dreams West. The hotel we staid in last night was only 18 miles from the gate so I thought it was going to be a cinch to get there. I could not have been more wrong! We hit traffic because of construction on the interstate just before we got to the bridge to take us over the Mississippi and into Downtown Saint Louis. I decided to use my GPS navigation system to get us around the construction, just like in the commercials. It worked great as it took us off the interstate and into East Saint Louis, which was rather run down and just a little bit scary. We could see the arch just across the river and we were going to be there a good 5 minutes before the original directions would have gotten us there anyway. However when it got us to the bridge we were supposed to take across the river to the park it was closed. I tried to get the navigation system to reroute us again but it just kept taking me in circles. After loosing my follow cars three times and almost getting them run over by large rock trucks I decided to give up the endeavor completely and return to the original route. After getting back onto the interstate we ended up getting through the traffic in no time at all. After all that trouble we decided the view we had of the Arch from the interstate was just fine and we continued on our way.

I will say this; if I ever have to drive through Saint Louis again I will not do it in a 16-foot box truck with two cars following me. The interstate system there is just too crazy! The traffic through that city is incredibly busy and the number of lanes I had to cross to get from I-24 to I-70 was way too many! After we got through all the suburbs I had to pull over and chill for about 20 minutes!

That was really the only difficult part of the day. I must say that Kansas was nowhere near as boring and tiring to drive through as everyone said it would be. We have all thoroughly enjoyed the scenery through this state. Everyone on the trip with us has said that they just love Kansas. We are only 4 hours away from our new home and expect to check out at 9AM and drive 18 miles to get to 8AM so we can be to the apartment by noon! (I just love that!)


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