Made It!

Well, we made it all the way to Littleton Colorado! I can’t believe we are actually here. Saturday’s drive was very easy. We were off by 9:30 and 18 miles later it was 8:35 (I still get a kick out of that). We took our time and stopped for bathroom and gas breaks as we went along. We even stopped at the Denver welcome station and took almost every tourist brochure they had available.

The trip through downtown Denver was a little nerve wracking though. I let Tom-Tom route us through downtown because it was Saturday and I thought, “cool we can see downtown on the way there instead of going around because it won’t be all that busy”. I was dead wrong! Apparently there is heavy traffic in this town 24/7. Fortunately we had about 2 miles between every switch of interstates and exits. By then we had lots of practice using the radios to have the last bar block traffic while we all get over three lanes. We got to see a little of the downtown area, Six Flags, and Mile High Stadium while driving through.

After stopping at a little grocery store to get a few essentials for the evening we found the apartment and signed the Lease. After getting the cat settled in and scouting the apartment we had lunch and got right to work. We got the back half of the truck emptied with only a short break for a little rainstorm that passed through. The trip up three flights of stairs is not fun at all! But it is a really nice apartment. Natalie and I have room for a little desk for her to make her bead things and scrapbook on, and there is even room left over for me to have a sitting area to practice my guitar. Madelyne’s room is a little bigger than her old room so she will have plenty of room to entertain new friends. The only one who gets the short end of the stick is Ethan. His room is about the same length as his old room but it is four feet more narrow. All the three “bedroom” apartments we found counted a little office/bedroom as the third bedroom. It is directly off the dining/living area. We were ready for the drop in size and that is no big deal to a kid who likes to spend 24 hours a day outside anyway. What we were not ready for was there to be a big glass window between his room and the dining area as well as a glass door on it. There are blinds on the window and door but he was pretty upset about it. We are working on a way to cover the glass a little more thoroughly because he doesn’t want people to be able to see through the slats in the blinds.

I was interrupted during this post so I will end it here and write a new one later.


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