Travel Day Two

What a trip! I am up way too early because this stupid hotel does not have blackout curtains! What kind of stupidness is that! Anyway. We got up early just a little south of Macon and started right on time (9AM). We made it about 40 minutes past Atlanta before we stopped for lunch at a rest area.

After our picnic we got back to the cars and I noticed coolant in a puddle under the Wrangler. Fortunately it was coming from the upper radiator hose. We limped it to the next exit looking for a truck stop to get directions to a parts store but found a Jeep dealership instead. I went back to the parts department and asked for the part and they said they didn’t have one in stock but he could order one. I explained that we were passing through to Colorado and he immediately offered to find me one locally. Not only did he find the part he had it delivered while we waited. I had to buy some pliers at a Dollar General store that was next door because my tool kit only comes with wrenches and all my other tools were packed in the middle of the Pensky. The part came in and Josh and I made the repair. We were back on the road by 3:00.

I was a little bummed but surprisingly under control through the whole situation. I did really want to make up the time though so we just kept truckin along. I was very happy to cross out of Georgia because it seemed like I would never leave that state. I forgot that when you get out of Chattanooga I-24 crosses back into Ga for about 10 minutes. I thought we would break down in that little stretch for sure. But we didn’t! When we stopped for gas though we found the old radiator hose and pliers on the front bumper. I guess I was in a hurry to leave after fixing it. ( I blamed it on Josh though.)

Oh I totally forgot the first adventure we had yesterday morning. LB was having trouble with his contacts on the first day and decided to bum some contact solution from Josh at the hotel that night. Well, apparently the solution Josh gave him was a 4 hour solution and he thought it was something else so he put a puddle of it in his hand and rubbed the contact around a little and then stuck it back in his eye. Needless to say his eye didn’t like a solution of acid being stuck in it and it got all red and swollen. By the next morning he looked like a prizefighter that had lost a fight. The poor kid couldn’t see a thing and he thought he was going to die from the pain. We had to unpack the truck to try and find his other pair of contacts but they had mysteriously disappeared from his bag somehow. At the first gas stop we decided to find a drug store and get him a case so he could take them out and rest his eyes. We got directions from the gas station attendant and ended up at a Wal Mart instead. He went to the vision center and the girl there told him he was not alone, she had done the same thing herself one time and knew exactly what to do for him. She gave him a case and some new solution and told him to rest his eyes all day. He pretty much went around wearing shades and being blind for the rest of the day.

After the eye incident and repairing the jeep things went very smoothly. We drove a lot and stopped whenever we needed to. We had a fast food dinner because of the lost time at lunch and drove all the way to O’Fallon, IL before stopping at round midnight (which was 1AM to us). I picked a Hotel that was way too expensive but I was so tired of driving by that time I just couldn’t bear the thought of looking for another one. I am sure there is a cheaper one at the next exit 5 miles down the road! BTW did I mention that I am the only person cleared to drive the moving truck? The boys are doing a great job switching out as drivers when someone gets tired (except LB yesterday LOL), but I have no one to switch out with. And here I am, awake at 5AM and not able to sleep again this morning. I told everyone we would meet at 8:20 for breakfast but with the light shining in my eyes in this stupid place I just can’t sleep! I may have to stop today and take a nap at lunch.

We are about 14 hours of driving time away from our new home. Our goal is to get to within about 2 to 4 hours from home before we stop today. That should be easy barring any bad traffic or broken vehicles. I will try to blog again at the hotel tonight. Keep up all the prayers.


Theresa H. said…
We're keeping you in our prayers. Keep up the faith! Thanks for senidng these updates. They're great. Can't wait to read more and see pictures.
Love to you all

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