We made it to Georgia.

It has been tough few days but we are on the road. I was silly to think that I would be able to rest on Tuesday after finishing my last day of work and meeting with people. We were on the rum from sunrise to well after midnight. Some of the highlights are that Marky and Josh helped me haul a bunch of trash and good will stuff. Marky was so good and worked so hard that Natalie and I decided to invite him to help us get to Colorado. He was able to book a flight on the same plane that Josh and LB are going home on next Saturday. I am very glad we invited him because when we picked up the truck I learned that I could not fit my Jeep on the flatbed trailer because it has tires that are too big. Now that Marky is along as well there are three people to rotate out driving the beast. It is very tiring driving it and it helps to switch out every now and then.

I went to bed around midnight and Natalie finally went to bed at 2AM. We were up and running by 7AM to get the last stuff ready for our movers to be there by 8AM. As we began loading the boxes we realized the truck we got was a little smaller that we thought when we reserved it online. The guide for renting the trucks said that a 16 foot truck was for a two to three bedroom house. Apparently what it meant was that a 16 foot truck was for moving two to three rooms. Big difference! Oh well, we knew this move would include downsizing much the junk we had cluttering up our lives. We just didn’t think it meant abandoning a house full of furniture (jk). We only had to give up our dining room set, which was given to us in the first place, as well as a few other little odds and ends. Mostly stuff we acquired second hand anyway. The boys have agreed to go back after they get home and take all the stuff to charity. (If you know anyone who needs some furniture have them give me a call.)

After getting everything packed into the truck and cleaned up in the house we were finally on our way. I told everyone I wanted to be out of there by Noon. However I knew it would be later. We ended up leaving by 4PM, which sounds really late but that is when I really expected to get out of there anyway. We all drove until we had to stop and we are now in a Hotel just south of Macon resting up for our long journey tomorrow. Thanks for all the prayers. I will write again soon.


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