I am very tired but I want to blog a little. I just got home from a four day LIFE TEEN convention in Phoenix, Arizona. (BTW, I know that I am making LIFE TEEN all caps, it is part of their trademark.) Now that I am working at a LIFE TEEN parish I wanted to make sure I went through the training. Fr. Michael didn’t even bat an eye at my request; he just looked up the soonest training and booked it as soon as he offered me the job. Just knowing I had that kind of support really helped me go into the training with a great attitude. I was ready to learn everything I could about LIFE TEEN so I could come home and do well. I was a little apprehensive because I was going out all by my self but I knew I would have at least a few of my old friends from the St Pete Diocese out there to keep me company.

After gaining much information at the convention I can honestly say that I am greatly excited to be a part of the LIFE TEEN movement. One of the main things they focused on was that this is not just programming but a Eucharistic movement within the Catholic Church. I felt supported by the entire LIFE TEEN staff even before I got on the plain. Just knowing that they are there to walk with me as I do God’s work at Light of the World helps as well. I was very impressed by them at the Steubenville Atlanta conference last summer because of their professionalism and approach to Liturgy. I was even more impressed this week by their humility and Spirit filled leadership.

I really look forward to being a part of the LIFE TEEN Movement.


Ady said…
Keep up the good work.

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