Rocky Mountain National Park

We went to Rocky Mountain National Park on Saturday and it was beautiful. It is about a two hour drive from our house so it is kind of like going to Disney from our old house only there are no lines when you get there and the rocks are real! We also found a way to go for free so that was even a bigger bonus! Usually it is $20.00 per vehicle to get into the park but because the kids have CF and are considered disabled they qualify for a free lifetime pass into all the National Parks. That kind of makes up a little for all the crap they have to go through.

The park is huge and we only had time to drive around a little. We went up to upper Beaver Meadows to hike around a little and have our picnic lunch. Then we drove up the road to Bear Lake which is a beautiful ride through come little canyons that were carved by glaciers millions of years ago. There were big fast running streams everywhere from the melting snow way up the mountains. We stopped at one near the bottom of the mountain and took lots of pictures. Then we drove the rest of the way up to Bear Lake and hikes around the lake. It was only about a half mile around the lake with lots of stops to look at the beautiful views. After that we decided to hike a mile to see Alberta Falls. It was about .4 miles downhill and then .6 miles up hill. The hike was tiring but very worth it. The falls run through a huge deep gorge. At one point on the trail we looked over and the river was rushing through the rocks about 500 feet below us. What a beautiful place!

On the way out of the park we got to see three deer feeding along the side of the road. They were all young bucks and they were nice enough to hang around and allow people in passing cars to photograph them. I am glad they do not allow hunting in the park; otherwise we would never get to see all the amazing wildlife. As soon as we get our hiking boots we plan on visiting the park frequently.

We took lots of pictures with the little digital camera. Check them out at . Maddy wants to start doing some serious photography so I loaned her my very old 35mm camera that I got from my step dad. It is a 1960’s Yashica that is manual everything. She has to set the aperture, shutter speed and even focus by her self. The camera does have a built in light sensor to help her get a good exposure but that is all. She spent the day looking for the perfect shots of nature and took some really good pictures. We will scan them and put them on the website very soon.


CLeake said…
Hey Davis!

This is the first I have had extra time to go to and read your new blog spot. I have to say this blog, about Rocky Mountain National Park made me reminisce about our time in Colorado and our trip to this incredible park! Does this shed light to the term "God's land" or what? Truly incredible. Enjoy.

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