Ultimate Frisbee

I am tired! We took Maddy and Ethan out to Clement Park tonight to meet with a bunch of kids from church to play Ultimate Frisbee. I hung out and watched the first game, which they played with a bunch of college kids who came up and offered to join forces for a big game. After that the kids from church, about 20 kids total, talked me into playing the next game with them. Natalie and I were going to take a walk around the lake but we decided to play instead. For those of you who don’t know what Ultimate Frisbee is here is a little explanation. Ultimate

Of course we didn’t play it exactly like that but you get the idea. I did a lot of running and had a lot of fun. On my very first play I fell while diving for the Frisbee and landed upside-down. I couldn’t flip all the way over for some reason so I ended up with my face in the ground and my feet sticking straight up in the air. I kept waiting to rotate over but it never happened. I ended up looking like I was break dancing! I know I only hung there for a few seconds but it felt like FOREVER. Thankfully I didn’t break any bones.

We played hard and my team lost big time but we had a great time. I think the thing I appreciated most about the game was the friendliness of the competition. There was always room for one more player and they always gave everyone a chance to catch and throw the Frisbee. My team lost huge but it was never about that, we just all wanted to have fun. The other thing I think was really cool was that all the kids form church wanted to get together outside of church to hang out. They even thought it was cool to invite me!

I had a ball playing Ultimate and I will probably do it again. Well… maybe I’ll make that decision in the morning!


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