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Mama Stella’s Stuffing Balls

  Some background before the good stuff!  (forward by Davis) For as long as I can remember my mom’s stuffing balls have been my favorite part of Thanksgiving. If I didn’t get them… then Thanksgiving didn’t count! I have been talking about them on the radio since 2008. Over the years a few listeners have asked about the recipe so here we are.  I know our Stuffing Balls originated with my great-grandmother “Mama Stella” from my dad’s side of the family. She was loved deeply by all who knew her. My mom always talked about how much she admired Mama Stella’s skills in the kitchen and worked hard to get her recipes right from the moment she joined the family.  This recipe, and I use the term loosely, is filled with memories from our family that will make no sense to you what-so-ever. But I have chosen to post this just as my mom wrote it (Except for the font, common mom Comic Sans?!?) because even with little context it will give you a glimpse into the world I grew up in.  I always hate

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