Laundry Room Addition

 Many moons ago (February of 2019) I decided to build a laundry room in the garage for my love. This is a little photo walk through the project from start to finish. 

It all began with an ugly garage. 

Subfloor framing. Can't have a step down in the middle of the laundry room. 

Subfloor installed. 

Wall framing goes up. Notice the cut out so we can still fit a car in the garage! 

Framing the sliding pocket door was not fun!

Ready for walls. 

Went with paneling on the inside. 

Bead board on the outside. 

Look at that pocket door! Pure perfection. 

We had to mark our territory. 

The boys got creative. 

I'm glad we used Indoor/Outdoor Carpet. It's already come in 
handy with a few washer overflow incidents

Not bad from the outside. 

Stacked the Washer/Dryer.

Space for "stuff"

Room for more "stuff"

Happy wife happy life! 

We celebrated with pretzels and beer! 


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