What, Why, Where

What to blog, why to blog and where to blog. Those are the questions. I have been having issues with my life lately and I am never sure how much to put out in the public eye and how much not too. I have this blog, my mac blog at daviswatts.com and a hidden blog that most people will never see. I do get requests every now and then from people asking me to update my blog. I'm just not sure what to do in that situation. So I will post this here and see what happens.

Life is going pretty well these days. Maddy has spent the summer out of the hospital. I don't want to say that out loud though because she has a doctor appointment tomorrow and I don't want to jinx it. The summer has been good with lots of family activities. When I say family activities that gets a little complicated because if the family situation but that's another blog. Suffice to say I got the divorce paperwork all done and filed. I have a case number so now I'm just waiting on a court date. Natalie still has a few things to do before we can get a date so now its a waiting game.

Work at the radio station is going well. I love everyone here. Everybody really looks out for each other. Being on air is fun and scary sometimes. I feel bad being away from the kids so much doing my show live so I record every now and then so I can can get home early to see them. But then my show suffers because I'm not live. It's a bit of a balancing act but things seem to be OK for now. I still have Friday nights off so I basically get a three day weekend with them every week. They just feel like they never see me because I'm gone when they get up and not home until they are ready for bed Monday through Thursday. The school year is even worse because I'm not around in the afternoon to make sure they do all their treatments and school work after school. We will see how things go next semester.

Like I said summer is good. I have been dating someone since February and things are going very well. I can't remember if I mentioned her in this bog or not but her name is Stephanie. I think she is great! She has a 10 year old daughter, Lillian, who gets along with Maddy and Ethan very well. This summer Stephanie had an opportunity to get really cheap summer passes to Universal Orlando and invited us to participate. We have taken the kids three times so far and it's been great. Stephanie is a school teacher so she has the summer off. We go on Friday when the parks are a little less crowded. The thing that has been the best though is that we are eligible for free express passes because of the kids CF. Not having to wait in line for the rides makes going to the parks very fun!

Other than that we have just been having fun hanging around Tampa. Lots of swimming at the apartment and Blockbuster video nights. Trying to keep things on the cheap. I did splurge a few months ago on a new digital SLR camera. It's a Nikon D60! I was into photography back in high school and I have always wanted to get back into it. After receiving a windfall I decided to go for it and see if I still had a decent eye. Stephanie has a nice Cannon 35mm film camera and loves to photograph too, so we have been going out some and snapping away. I have posted some of my more "artsy" shots on Flickr. You can check them out here. I am finding that Stephanie has a much better eye for photos than I do. But it's fun going out and trying to get good shots anyway. But I don't think I will be investing a bunch of time and money in this hobby. LOL

I guess that's all. I don't really have a very exciting life so I'm not sure why I even have these blogs. But for those of you who care, there it is.


Olivia said…
I care. Always have. Always will.
Love you!

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