To Blog or Not to Blog

Sometimes I don't like looking inward. I like to think that that I am handling life pretty well, then something comes along and makes me second guess everything I do. I really don't like when that happens. Ethan got into some serious trouble this week. And I mean serious! It makes me wonder, like every parent I am sure, if I am doing a good enough job of raising him. He seems to be a polite and fairly well behaved 15 year old. Then pow, something monumentally stupid! Maybe it's just that he still does not get it. I know teenagers have a good decision making deficiency. Add to that Maddy's inability to see why it's important for her to gain weight and the doctors threatening to put a g-tube in her and it's almost too much to deal with.

Oh yeah, and I don't know whats going to be happening at work in the next few months. Olivia is leaving but no one knows how things will be restructured. I don't know if I will be pulled off of nights and out into the Music Director position or not. Heck at this point I am surprised I still have a job with all the time I have to dedicate to the kids. and even with that I feel like I don't give my kids nearly enough time. It's a catch 22!

All I can do is my best. I have to remember that there are some things I can't change. Like Maddy's attitude, Ethan's teenage stupidity, or the amount of time I have to miss at work because Family has to come first! So here I go again. Off to work and pray that the kids survive another day.


Jonah Gibson said…
This too shall pass. When it seems that Faith is your only strength, and Jesus your only ally, even if it's's enough.

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