Can't sleep

It's almost 2AM and I have a cold that is keeping me awake. Grr! Hopefully blogging will help put me to sleep. I'm using the cool new split keyboard function on my iPad to type this. It is taking some getting use to but still seems better than having it docked at the bottom. I just tap away with my two thumbs while holding the iPad. Here is a screen shot...

Pretty neat huh? Oh no, now I have gotten to the point where what I am reciting is directly under the keyboard. This is an awkward turn of events. The app I use to blog won't let me scroll up to keep the text above the keyboard. Ha ha. I guess il just have to proof read after I'm finished posting.

so things are going pretty well. Other than this stupid cold that is keeping me awake. Maddy is feeling great and spending lots of time over at Melissa's. Which is totally fair because no one is ever home here to hang out with her. The doctors seem very happy with her progress. She has to keep going in for blood work to make sure her prograf levels are correct which is a pain. This week she had an appointment on Monday at 6:30 for a lung clinic visit, then another appointment at 6:30 on Tuesday for another swallow study. Both appointments seemed to take forever and I had to go to work after them so it really wore me out. I suppose that's why this cold is lingering on so long.

Things are going well at work. I am doing the afternoon drive while Jamie fills in for Abby in the mornings. It's a fun shift but I miss the ability to voice track so I can get other stuff done during my air shift. I don't get that luxury during the afternoon drive because I have to run traffic reports every 15 minutes. But live radio is more fun anyway! I'm still doing the music and that keeps me pretty busy. I track all the songs I listen to and so far this year I have listened to over 300 new songs! And that number does not include all the random CDs I get in the mail, it's just the songs that radio promoters call me about. Of all those songs only about 120 have made it onto the radio. Some of them were duds or didn't fit our format but a lot of them were pretty good and I just couldn't get them on. There is just not enough room to play everything. It's tough to have to pass on some of these songs but somebody has to make the hard decisions and that somebody is me.

A few weeks ago I started a mission to meet with the people I see on Facebook all the time but hardly actually come face to face with anymore. My first opportunity came in the form of coffee with a local photographer who is a friend of my sister-in-law. He and I have been friends on FB for a while but never connected. When Maddy went in for her transplant he offered to do a photo shoot with her after she recovered. It was great to be able to sit down and communicate the old fashion way. I do it all the time for work but it's nicer to hang with someone just for the sake of having human contact and sharing life's struggles. After that I got to have lunch with Olivia and John Paul. My goodness he is getting so big. I introduced him to his first BBQ potato chip and became his new best friend! It was a great time.

I have decided that real life relationships, not virtual ones, should be a priority on my life so I will continue my quest. It feels really good to have a face to face conversation with a new or old friend. I recommend it highly!


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