I started this post in June and never finished it. Looks like I'm a loser. LOL Well, here it is anyway. I'll finish it now...

Time for an update. Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of Maddy's double lung transplant. Check the blog to the right for more information. I can't really put into words how grateful I am to still have Madelyne in my life! I don't' know what I would do without my children. I'm not saying that in a "I don't ever want my kids to grow up and move out" kind of way either. They are growing up fast and I know it won't be too much longer before they will no longer need the old man to help them get by. That will be a great day! Honestly, since Maddy was diagnosed with CF I have wondered each day what my life will be like if this disease takes one, or both, of my children from me. Thanks to Maddy's lung transplant I no longer have that fear foremost in my mind. I very much look forward to having an adult relationship with both Madelyne and Ethan. But that is still a little way down the road.

So what has been up since I last blogged? Wow, tons of stuff! The Music Director position is working out really well at the station. I enjoy getting to know the people behind the music I play every day. They are great group of people who have a passion for their faith and desire to share their talent that I very much admire. It is a privilege to work in this amazing industry.

Fast forward to November. Now Ethan is 18 and both my kids can't wait to be grown up and living their own lives. That's awesome, as stated above I am happy they have awesome lives to live and I pray that I have given them to tools to be happy productive people. I did get a nice comment from Maddy the other day. She has been spending a lot of time on Orlando lately now that she does'e have to go to the doctor every week. Anyway when she was home hanging out the other weekend she said she missed hanging out with me. I thought that was awesome!

So life is still very fast paced. Lots to do at work and I'm starting to take speaking gigs again. I spoke to the St. Timothy youth group last night and it was a blast. I love sharing pieces of my story and hope that it helps others see hope for their own life. Maddy's story of triumph after the lungs transplant is very powerful, especially to young people. I hope they took something away from my talk last night. It will be a while but I'm sure I'll start playing and singing again soon too. It's time to start practicing again.

On the down side Bobby, my step dad, had been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his sinuses. They will be doing surgery to remove it in the coming weeks. There is not really much I can do for Mom and Bobby while they go through this except pray and let them know that we are here empathizing with what they are going through. I'm kind of having trouble processing the whole situation, especially after seeing what Dad went through with the Leukemia. I know they are two very different cases so I'm trying not to transfer. I'm sure Bobby's outcome will be much different.

I guess thats it for now. I just wanted to make sure I got the above thoughts posted so I didn't loose them. It has really been a blessing to have Maddy healthy again and I am praying for continued health for both kids.


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