Gettin it all done.

Well I have decided that there is no point in dragging things out any longer. I called an attorney yesterday and made an appointment to draw up the divorce papers on Friday. I was going to wait and make Natalie come up with some money to put toward the divorce before I moved forward but that will never happen. Maybe I was waiting out of spite, maybe I was waiting because I just wanted to get in the way of her new relationship. I'm not completely sure. But I have decided that I just need to spend the money and make it happen.

I think the biggest problem I have right now is that she keeps saying she wants to be a part of the kids life and help out, but she doesn't! They have heard from her once in the last two weeks. She has not seen them since she visited Maddy in the hospital at the beginning of February. I know she is busy trying to get a job and helping her mother. It just sucks that she can't be a part of the kids life.

I just have to concentrate on the things that I can control. I can afford the divorce so I will pay for it. I can take care of the kids so I will. I can move on with my life and I am, in a BIG way! No more moping for me. Bigger things await my attention. Time to move on.


Anonymous said…
Can I get an amen?? CAN I GET A WITNESS
Unknown said…
The future is here... ;-D

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