Keeping it all in perspective

That is my motto these days. Maddy did end up in the hospital after my last blog. What a pain in the butt! I hate when my kids are in the hospital. I always get down and bummed about their CF and why they have to put up with this stinking disease! Maddy ended up getting her sinus surgery after this visit and is at home recovering right now. Read the kids hospital blog at for the details. She really feels like crap after the surgery and that does nothing to help my mood. I keep trying to think of scenarios that could be worse and that helps me keep perspective.

The one really good thing through all of this is Stephanie. She has her own life and kid to worry about but she keeps making time to visit with us. She brought or made us dinner most nights while Maddy was home on IV's. She and Lillian hing out and kept us company playing video games which was very fun.

As summer comes to an end I look toward the fall and all it's wonderful busyness. (sarcasm) Maddy wants to take the GED and move on. I can't blame her, the last few years of school have been horrible. It's so hard to get all that work in while spending so much time sick and in the hospital. The irony of it all is that she gets A's and B's on all the final exams but fails the class because she didn't do all the assignments. The catch 22 is that she still needs to learn some things before she will be able to pass the GED. I will be looking for a class she can take, live or online, to get her ready for the test. Ethan will be starting 8th grade. For now the doctors have said he is healthy enough to do regular school, so no part time home bound program. Now I just have to find a way to make sure his homework gets done after school. The difficult part of that is my work schedule. I'm supposed to be live on the radio 4 nights a week. Which means I don't get home until after 11pm. Way too late to make Ethan do anything he "forgets" while I'm at work. Add to that the revamping of the station web site, helping with the set up of the new studios, Shareathon in September, moving into the new studios in October, having some kind of all day celebration with the listeners when we do move and learning all new broadcast equipment... you get the idea! It's gonna be a busy fall.

I better get moving and get something done around the apartment today. It's back to my regular work week, with the exception of Maddy's followup doctor visits. Time to do the laundry!


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