Life just keeps moving on by

Life continues to flow for the entire family. It has been a really good summer with lots of activities. As well as plenty of doctor visits to keep us busy. Especially after Maddy's sinus surgery. I am having fun trying to be a "photographer" with my new camera. Check out the Flickr photos. I grew my hair out all summer and shaved it off again today. And we added a new member to the family!

Yep, I made it two years before giving in and allowing Maddy to have another pet. I have always enjoyed having Ferrets and hopefully at 17 Maddy will be able to care for it a little more responsibly. He is really cute and has not even nibbled on a single finger. We were able to clip his nails and give him a bath right away. Good habits to get him into. Oh yeah, she named him Tweak.

In other news both kids went to the doctor again yesterday. I was worried that Ethan may have to go into the hospital because he got a cold the second week of school. But his PFT's were still at 90 so the doctor just gave him an oral antibiotic to help clear up the left over cough. Maddy's PFT's held steady at 51 and the doctor was happy with that. She has 5 days left of the aztreonam and will start colistin after that. Both kids got in a little trouble for being under weight. They are more concerned with Ethan than Maddy at this point. We have Scandi Shakes but the kids are not drinking them. Ethan is being threatened with a G-tube so he is ready to start drinking. They also want him to see an endocrinologist to look into human growth hormone. The doctor thinks he may need a bit of a jump start to kick his teen angst into gear. That means even more doctor visits but what can we do?

I'm still feeling tired a lot of the time but the last week or so I have been able to keep moving a little better than before. I still think I need a vacation but that will just have to wait. I still have the whole web update that needs all it's finishing touches going on at the station. Then we have Shareathon on the week of September 26th and we are hoping to move into the new building by October 9th! If that's not enough to keep me busy and out of trouble I don't know what is. I could use a little side money from some extra gigs here and there but I just don't have the time or energy to put into them.

Well, that's some of the life that is running on by me. I just hope to get some time at home soon to play with Tweak.


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